Amazing benefits that the Barefoot Retirement Plan offers

100% Tax-Free

This programis backed and protected by the Government. It’s 100% legal, and it even has its own section in the tax code that protects you from having to pay taxes on these funds, if you set up your plan correctly. Your money grows tax-free. When you use your money, it’s tax-free. When it passes on to your heirs, it’s tax-free. You won’t find a better way to legally avoid paying taxes. If you’re like most people, and believe taxes will continue to go up and up, you’ll find this benefit invaluable.

The Wall Street Journal says,

“This program has become a tax shelter for the rich… it gives the affluent tax advantages far beyond those available to the middle-income people through a 401(k) or IRA.”

Note: Even though this is perfect for the affluent, the Barefoot Retirement Group is now making this same program available to the majority of average Americans.

100% Safe

The providers we work with to set up your Barefoot Retirement Plan,have been in business for over 100 years. They’ve been through every type of economic, political and global crisis imaginable. They’ve not only survived, but they’ve withstood the test of time, and prospered. This plan is virtually immune from the stomach-churning swings of Wall Street (or as many are now calling it, the Wall Street Casino), and from the risks of banks. Plus, your account is guaranteed to never go down in value, due to market declines.

Completely Private

With this unique program, there is absolutely no Government or IRS reporting required at all. There are no forms to report this, and there are no spaces on tax returns for this to be reported. Your money is not only safe and private; it’s off the grid from those with prying eyes.The Government even goes so far as to limit the advertising that can be done for this program. That’s why less than 0.1% of the population even knows about programs like this.

Leverage Your Returns

With the huge majority of plans out there, you only have the option to earn a return on the funds you put in. With our Barefoot Retirement Plan, you have the option to earn a double return on your funds. This is not for everyone, but if you choose to, we can show you how you can earn a 0% to 17% return on your initial funds, then borrow the majority of those funds, and put them to work in other opportunities, while your initial funds continue growing as if you never touched a dime of it. This is true leverage and if you use it correctly, you will be shocked at the difference it could make. Our Barefoot Retirement Calculator can help you run different scenarios to see what this could look like.

This is one of the big reasons why so many affluent Americans use programs like this. They know how to maximize their returns. Programs like this also play a huge role in the finances of major corporations, financial institutions and banks. In fact, according to the FDIC, the top four banks in America own over 50 billion dollars’ worth of plans like this. These plans give them financial stability and reduce their taxes. They can also tap into these funds to fund employee benefits, healthcare costs, employee pensions, and much more. If many of the greatest financial minds in the world, are taking advantage of these plans in such a big way, doesn’t it make sense to see if these same concepts can work for you?

Excellent Growth

There are various options with the custom plans we create for our clients, and the returns vary by plan. Our most popular plan has averaged a 9.24% return over the last 24 years! According to Dalbar, Inc., the nation's leading financial services market research firm, over the last 20 years, the average equity mutual fund investor has only earned 4.25% per year.Plus, the majority of Americans retirement funds are in IRAs and 401(k) s. When they take their funds out, they will have to pay taxes on every penny they take out. With a Barefoot Retirement Plan, as long as it is structured correctly, all of the funds you take out are tax-free.

Additionally, we have an option that would allow you to leverage your funds and actually invest them in other areas, giving you the possibility of making two different returns, on the same funds. You simply will not find a better plan that offers more opportunities to grow your retirement funds.

Life-Time Income

When you structure and fund this program properly, it offers the potential for a lifetime, tax-free income! That’s right. It can actually pay you for life, each and every year, completely tax-free. For many clients, this is life-changing. We can show you how to structure a plan that can take care of you and your family for as long as you live.

Many clients are shocked at the annual amounts this program can provide for them. We offer a one-of-a-kind, free Barefoot Retirement Calculator that can help determine what your potential life-time income could look like.

No Losses Guarantee

With this plan, your account will never decrease in value due to market downturns. You participate in the upside growth, and if, or when, the market crashes, you totally eliminate the downside risk! You will sleep so much better knowing that no matter what happens in the world, and no matter what happens with the stock market; your account is 100% safe and secure from all market downturns. It’s a total win, win. If the market goes up, your account goes up. If the market goes down, your account preserves your locked-in gains and does not go down in value. It’s like having your cake, and eating to too.

No Contribution Limits

Subject to qualification, there are no limits to the amount of funds you can put into this tax-free program. All plans like IRAs, 401(k) s, ROTHs, etc. have contribution caps each year. As long as you qualify, there are no caps on the amount you can contribute each year. This plan allows you to stockpile cash and build wealth, all tax-free. Some clients contribute seven figures a year into this tax-free program. If you’re looking for a way to shelter lots of money from taxes, or if you need to make up for lost ground before you retire, you won’t find a better place to put large amounts of funds into a tax-free account.

Liquid & Flexible

With this plan, your money is your money. You can get to it at any time you wish. You can take any amount of your money out, at any time you wish, at any age, for any reason, and it’s all 100% penalty free when you take it out. If an emergency comes up, or an investment opportunity, it does not matter. You can simply get your money out when you want it, with no red-tape or hassles.

No Investment Restrictions

Unlike just about all other plans, our plan has absolutely, positively no restrictions on what you can invest in. None. This program puts you in charge. It gives you the freedom to control your money, your future, and your retirement. Most qualified retirement plans limit your options to invest in certain funds, or certain types of investments. Unfortunately, often times the options they offer or allow, aren’t so great. In these unprecedented and uncertain economic times, it’s comforting to know you’ll have the total freedom to seize any opportunity you wish.

No Distribution Penalties

Most other retirement funds and programs are packed with restrictions and limitations for taking your funds out. If you take them out before they allow, or if you take out more than they allow, or even if you don’t take out as much as they require, when they require you to, they can fine and penalize you all day long. Not so with our plan. With a Barefoot Retirement Plan, there are no distribution penalties for taking your money out. If you want to take it out, no problem. Take out what you want, when you want, with no fear of penalties or fines.

Creditor Proof

Laws do vary by state, but this does apply to most states. If you’re ever sued or face bankruptcy, your funds may be protected, safe and sound. Creditors don’t even have the right to ask about this program in most states. Imagine working all of your life, and just when you get ready to retire, you get involved in a law suit, and risk losing your life-savings, that you were relying on for retirement. This plan allows most people to rest easy knowing their retirement funds are safely locked away from potential creditors.

Barefoot For Business

If you own a business, this program offers a virtual plethora of one-of-a-kind benefits for you, your family, and possibly your employees. There are far too many to cover them all in this limited space. You can learn more by reading our new book, “The Barefoot Retirement Plan.” There’s an entire chapter on our Barefoot Business Owners Program.

Here are a few ideas for now. This program can basically enable you to become your own bank. When you need capital, you can simply borrow it from this program. No more need for begging for bank loans. Need to buy some new equipment, expand your business, buy a new business, etc.? We can show you how to do it in a way where you be building your retirement funds, and still purchase what you need for your business, all with the same funds.

Think this sounds too good to be true? Think again. Industry giants like Walt Disney, J.C. Penny, Ray Kroc and J.D. Rockefeller are just a few who have used a variation of this program to fund, save or maintain their business. However, our program is actually much improved, and much better. We’ll show you, and we’ll prove it to you.

Patented Program

Our flag-ship program,that we most often recommend to our clients, depending on their circumstances and needs, is revolutionary. So much so, in fact, the company patented the program and limited its availability.This specialized program has only been available for less than a year, and while it’s still under patent, only a very small, select group of specialized agents have the ability to offer it. There are thousands of other agents, chomping at the bit, to be able to have the ability to offer this product. It’s that good! You can’t patent a program that is the same as all of the others, nor one that is not unique. This plan is really that unique. It’s brilliant actually. That’s why they patented it.

Lowest Fees

Fees are often overlooked, but they can actually make the difference between success and failure with retirement programs. Demos, a public policy organization recently estimated that over a lifetime, a median-income two-earner family will pay nearly $155,000 in 401(k), and IRA FEES. This amount consumes nearly 1/3 of their ENTIRE investment returns.

We are proud to tell you that our commissions are up to 70% LESS than the industry average for setting up programs similar to this. Additionally, the program we most often suggest for our clients ranks #1 among its competitors. Our focus and mindset have always been, client centered. We know if we can offer the absolute best program, with the best returns, the lowest fees, for the lowest amounts, our clients will love us and happily refer us to others. We always treat people the way we would like to be treated ourselves. Fees are critical. Don’t overlook this point.