Calling Everyone That Lost Money In The Stock Market, And Is Looking For Control And Security In Their Financial Future

The stories we hear from our clients are often the same...

Let's start with a dream. The dream that was programmed into all of us from an early age. The dream was the "ideal" life that we should all live - grow up, get a job, work hard, get married, start a family, advance in your career, and then enjoy retirement.

Up until 5 years ago, no one would have dared question the status quo. We went to work each day, collected our paychecks at the end of the month, "put some money away for retirement". Some of us liked our jobs, and others not as much.

We all wished for a healthy and wealthy retirement. Ahhh, retirement. It sounds like heaven. A time where we get to finally slow down and spend time with friends and family, not worrying about earning money and stressing about our jobs.

We didn't really know where that retirement money was going – our mentors and more experienced co-workers told us that it was a good idea, so we followed…blindly. And why wouldn't we? All the projected charts showed that every dollar that we put in would be worth 10, 15, or 20 times that amount by retirement. Every quarterly statement that came in the mail showed rapid growth, and the projection charts made it seem like it would never end.

If you really think back, can you even remember how long you were putting money away before you finally started to wonder where it was going? For many, it took a disaster...

In late 2007, everything changed.

The market suddenly stopped its seemingly unstoppable rise. In fact, in the span of about a year, it dropped to nearly half of its value – fortunes were lost and lives ruined. Retirement funds, which were predominantly invested in the market, followed suit, and lost nearly half of their values. The dream of that ideal retirement, for many,vanished practically overnight.

Diversification is key to your long-term success.

A pivotal shift occurred, people started wanting to take control of their money. They started looking for protections against future market volatility.

It was this desire that led to the questions, "How do I get my money out of my retirement account?" or "How can I use the money that's in my retirement account in some more appropriate investments?”When turning to the financial advisors that were largely responsible for this mess, little was said.

The Truth Is, Financial Advisors Stand To Make A Lot Of Money From Investing Your Cash In The Market.

In fact, if they do make you any money, most will take a percentage of gains. However, if they lose your money, then they don't share in your losses. When the financial advisors who improperly invested your money sent out their end of year financial reports, what do you think they said? If you thought they mentioned their mistakes, future caution, or change, you'd be dead wrong.

Does it sound like you should place your future in those hands?

The Barefoot Retirement Plan was founded on a core principle. When it comes to your money, you have the right to do what you want with it. We're here to make that as easy as possible for you.

The Barefoot Retirement Plan Jailbreaking Process Is For You If:

Everyone is going to retire at some point.


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