Why Work With Us?

We created the Barefoot Retirement because we see retirement very differently than the current conventional wisdom. This is not just another business to us. It’ a passion and a mission. For many of you, we have been exactly where you are. We have faithfully followed the conventional wisdom and done all of the "right" things recommended by the "experts". Through this process we discovered the same thing that most American’s have discovered, or are discovering. Our present retirement system is broken. It simply doesn’t work for most people. That’s why some of the largest media sources have produced TV shows and articles about the “Retirement Crisis” in America. It’s such a shame that in the greatest country in the world, we have a retirement system where most do not have enough funds to retire.

We feel very fortunate to have discovered what we believe, is the perfect retirement solution for a large number of people. We know our unique, patented plan, can make the difference between someone having a so-so retirement, or having to work during retirement, and having the Barefoot Retirement of their dreams!

However, this plan is not for everybody and we know that. One of the unique things about our company is, if we discover this plan is not right for you…. “We’ll tell you.” Typically we go through a pretty in-depth discovery process to structure the perfect, custom plan, for your needs, and the needs of your family, business, etc. If at any time during this process we feel like this plan is not for you, we will be the first to tell you.

Our reputation means everything to us. We learned a long time ago, that if you put your clients’ needs first, everything else will take care of itself. One of our favorite saying is by my old friend, Zig Zigglar. Zig always said, “If you help enough other people get what they want, you’ll get everything you want.” We run our company on this principal. When our clients are delighted with our plans and their success, they usually tell others about us. After all, if most people find something good, they want to share it with others whom they care about. So this if the foundation of our business and how we work.

The government has decided that your retirement is or should be a smaller version of your current lifestyle. The majority of the financial calculators you often see online, usually ask what percentage of your current income do you need to live during your retirement. The governments own version of a retirement plan convinces you that you will be in a lesser tax bracket, indicating that you will be living with less money during the time you are working.

We believe that this is why the "rich get richer and the poor get poorer". The rich don't change their lifestyle when they retire. They understand a few fundamental rules.

Most of us have heard this many times but knowing something, and understanding, are two different things. The team at the Barefoot Retirement has created a system that not only educates you on these principles, but has the "Road Map” to show you how.

We educate and demonstrate to our clients on how they can become empowered to get their money out of the corrupt banks and manipulated paper markets, and back into safe vehicles and tangible assets. You can be in control of your destiny if you structure your retirement properly.

We understand the importance of having an excellent relationship with our clients and our team. We work closely with you to review the retirement options, our industry-leading products, and develop customized solutions. We want to work with you from now, until far into your retirement. You can count on us to be there for you. Nothing makes us happier than helping you to enjoy the Barefoot Retirement of your dreams.

We’re on a Mission.

The Barefoot Retirement team’s mission is to help as many people as we can, salvage, turnaround, change, improve, and make-over their retirement program so it will be there to support and sustain them, during those golden retirement years, and enable them to have the Barefoot Retirement of their dreams.

5 Reasons The Barefoot Retirement Plan Is The Go-To Solution

1- Keeping it Simple
2- Contact your Barefoot Retirement Specialist
3- No Fee Structure
4- World-Class Education
5- Systems, Processes and Success

We've searched and searched, and to the best of our knowledge, none of our competition offers a level of individual service even close to what we offer.

Once you start the process, the paperwork will go seamlessly go through the process, with us guiding it along the way. We are always just a phone call away from answering any questions you have, and helping you in any way we can.

Once you've spoken with us and you see how easy it is, we won't be too surprised if you send your Barefoot Retirement Specialist an invitation your next birthday party. (P.S. this really happens).

Set up with what we call a "Barefoot Retirement Specialist". Your Specialist participates in not only the design of your plan, but also facilitates the future utilization of your plan. It may seem strange or extravagant to have a team of Personal Navigators, but you will absolutely love the access and peace of mind that comes from the individualized and customized plans and service we offer.

We've been through the process and know how to reduce the stress and time consumption that plague’s the average retirement plan. Our process is not only the most efficient financially, but also the most efficient from a coordination perspective as well.

The services provided by our Barefoot Retirement Specialist are 100% complementary.

Our team can recommend and review many resources that will help you take control of your investing future. If we spot any ineffective investments or potential problems, we’ll point them out. However, it’s always your decision on how you choose to proceed.

We absolutely love it when our clients want to learn, so we will always happily answer your calls, and answer all of your questions. If you have been through our site and still want to learn more, schedule your free consultation now:

We have spent nearly 10 years learning and perfecting our systems. This research and development is now available for your benefit. Our system will send the appropriate paperwork to the appropriate agencies with minimal delays once each step is complete. Our Barefoot Retirement Specialist will guide you along to get the appropriate information.

From start to finish, the process to set up your own custom Barefoot Retirement Plan usually takes about 4 weeks. It’s the fastest in the business.